The Davis Family is one of the oldest families on Long Island, dating back to the 1600’s. Forbearer Jasper Corey settled in Southold in 1640 and the Davis Family settled in Blue Point in 1780. For centuries, the Davis family name and their close relations (the Corey and Barteau families) have been associated with Long Island landmarks; Davis Park, Fire Island; Davis Field (now called Bayport Aerodrome at Davis Field), Bayport; Corey Beach and Corey Park in Blue Point. Blue Point’s Barteau, Corey and Davis Avenues all part of the original Davis Farm and Curtis Road at Corey Creek. 


The Davis family has been moving houses, buildings, and all sorts of structures on Long Island for longer than anyone can remember. James Issac Davis started moving buildings with a team of horses in the late 1800’s. James was so widely known for his house moving knowledge and skills that his obituary made the front page of The New York Times. Always a family business, James’ four sons, including Curtis J. Davis, Sr. worked with him and continued the business after his death. The firm was incorporated as Davis Bros. Engineering Corp. in 1924 under Curtis J. Davis, Sr. In 1960 Curtis Sr.’s sons Curtis Jr. and Ernest bought the company from him. Curtis Jr. and Ernie  moved many of the houses onto and along Fire Island, moving some twenty houses to Lonelyville, Fire Island.  


Guy Davis (son of Curtis J. Davis, Jr.) worked with his father and uncle until 1988 when he left to open his own house moving business, Davis Construction Building Movers in Westhampton Beach. Guy moved The Casino restaurant from Patchogue to Fire Island on a barge, moved six houses simultaneously down Montauk Highway in East Hampton, and moved Flander’s Big Duck twice! In 2011, after Curtis passed away, Ernie sold Davis Bros Engineering Corp to Guy. Guy merged Davis Construction Building Movers with Davis Bros Engineering Corp, and the business continues to operate as Davis Building Movers. Guy has now been lifting, moving and shoring houses on Long Island for more than 40 years.



Davis Building Movers perform all types of structural moving. We offer raising, leveling, shoring, lifts and holds for cellar and basement digs, beach work, heavy hauling, roof raising, and unified precision jacking services. We have saved churches on the beach, mansions from the ocean, moved a Long Island Rail Road car through the streets, and moved three historic buildings for Harvard Law School. 


Our reputation is untarnished in the field of structural moving. We have a flawless record of quality work, customer service and dedication. Regardless of the size and complexity of a project, we have demonstrated time and again our capability to swiftly and successfully complete jobs.


Davis maintains the most technologically advanced equipment available. From unified jacking systems and hydraulic dollies, to new structural steel, secure transport vehicles, and safety gear, we are prepared for any project. The safety of our team and your home are our top priorities.


During our site visits there is no hard sell and no pressure to make an immediate decision. We prefer to send you an estimate and then let you take the time to decide what’s right for you and your home. We understand that the process of lifting or moving your home can be daunting, and we are here to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible for you and your family. We are happy to walk you through the process, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have concerning your project. We are a family business and we want to make sure you and your family made the right choice by choosing Davis Building Movers.