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The Big Duck Move 2007

October 2007 - Davis Construction moved Long Island's famous Big Duck four miles up the road to it's new home. The move began around 11 pm with a crowd cheering the Davis team on! The Big Duck traveled through the night and safely arrived at its Flanders home around 4 am. Read the Dan's Papers version here.

Originally located oldduck-guy.jpgon West Main Street in Riverhead, The Big Duck was relocated in 1936 to Route 24 in Flanders. In 1987, the duck, in the path of a new housing development, was donated to Suffolk County and moved to the entrance to Sears Bellows County Park. Guy Davis working in the family business moved the Big Duck in 1987. And now in 2007, Davis Construction has moved the Big Duck back its former home (the spot it was moved from in 1987). duck2.jpg

The Big Duck measures 30 feet from beak to tail, 15 feet from wing to wing, and 20 feet from its base to the top of its head! It was built in 1931 by George Reeve and set designers, brothers William and Samuel Collins. Originally conveived and owned by duck farmers Martin and Jeule Maurer, the Big Duck is constructed of a wooden frame, covered by wire mesh and concrete with two Model-T tailights for eyes that glow red at night.

Duck Move 2007
Alot has changed since the last time the Big Duck was moved. Now with the use of new technology, moving massive structures (and ducks) is safer and faster than ever. Davis Construction used self- propelled, remote controlled, hydraulic dollies to help evenly distribute the weight of the Duck while it traveled over uneven ground. These advanced dollies allowed the Duck to "float" on oil which prevented cracking and twisting. Davis Construction is one of only four structural movers in the country with this equipment.  Check out PLUM TV's video of the move here.

Davis Construction has been involved in many large historic preservation projects and welcomes the opportunity to work with other preservationists. Guy Davis donated the relocation services for the Big Duck move becuse he believes in preserving history for future generations. Structural moving is the oldest and largest form of recycling and helps reduce space in landfills.

The Big Duck has become one of the most famous examples of roadside architecture. Architects use the term "duck" to describe buildings that are shaped like the product sold inside them. As with other architectural "ducks", the Big Duck itself is signage - a colossal, three-dimensional, representational advertisement.

"Preservation is especially important on the East End of Long Island because there are so many historically significant structures in good condition. The Big Duck has left its mark on the world of architecture and remains a proud landmark for all Long Islanders." - Guy Davis  

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